SHRED Overview

Shred is a do it yourself kit that allows you to convert your ordinary drum kit into an output location for a MIDI sequencer, as well as gives you the ability to loop / record your playing & add time-based effects such as echoes and delays. More information can be found below.   


Shred is a new approach of adding digital elements to an acoustic performance. Instead of replication and acoustic performance via a digital output, Shred replicates a digital performance via an acoustic output. Shred is a device that is installed on the inside of each drum, and by means of an electronic actuator strikes the drum head from the inside. In combination with the actuator, a software based sequencer allows the user to program rhythms directly to their acoustic drum kit. Shred also allows the user to loop back their recorded playing. The mission of the project is to allow drummers to expand their physical capabilities behind their acoustic instrument, as well as to provide an interface allowing them to experiment with digital rhythms on the acoustic kit. 


Shred Hardware

shred.hard is a series of hardwear devices designed to be easily replicated in any maker space.  


Shred software

All shred.soft applications can be dowloaded at:

Shred Education

We are passionate about music and technology, we believe that everyone has rhythm and should develop their skills in a method  most comfortable and comprehensive to themselves.